Thursday, November 19, 2009

Things I've Learned Thursday!

Dear Friend,

Like I said before, I was hoping to make this an ongoing thing. So, here is my second installment! I've decided to do another round of "Things I've Learned As a Mom!" Becoming a Mom was a HUGE step in my life and I love every step of this journey! So, here goes round two!!

  1. It is amazing what a Mom finds to cheer over when we have kids! The first smile, the first time our child crawls, the first time clapping, the first step, and the first time potty in the toilet (though we haven't reached this one yet), to name a few!
  2. The first time your child hugs you and/or gives you a kiss will completely melt your heart in a way that is impossible to describe.
  3. A mother's love surpasses her love for anything or anyone else!!
  4. Your pets (that were once your "baby") becomes a pet. Trust me, even the most loved and spoiled of pets!
  5. How quickly our lives become centered around our kids!
  6. How hard it is to be away from our children for any length of time. (Trust me, I learned this when Hubby and I went to Las Vegas this past July and 10 month old son stayed with his Grandparents!)
  7. How amazing the small stuff seems when you are looking at it for the first time as a parent!
  8. Children are tons of fun when you take the time to stop and enjoy them!
  9. When they begin walking, they really begin to be a wonderful source of exercise!!
  10. You really begin to see a whole new side of yourself that you never realized was there!!

These are just a few more things that I've learned since becoming a parent!! Stay tuned for next week's "Things I've Learned." I haven't decided on next weeks topic yet, though!

Learning as I go,

The Stay-at-Home Mom

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