Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Pages Read Challenge

Dear Friend,

As you probably guessed, I have found one more reading challenge to take part in! Kathrin at Secret Dreamworld of a Bookaholic is hosting a second year of Pages Read Challenge.

The rules are:

  1. Pick a number of pages you'll be attempting to read in 2010. It doesn't matter whether your goal is 10,000 or 100,000. You can always up your number as we go along, so you don't need to go all up high with your page count.
  2. Write a blog post about it in which you will keep track of your page count.
  3. Comment here with your goal number and a link to you blog post (if you have a blog - otherwise, just leave a comment with your name and the goal number). I'll then add you to the list of participants below.
  4. The challenge starts January 1, 2010 and ends December 31, 2010. Only pages read after the New Year has begun count for the challenge.

This challenge sounded easy enough to do with the other two challenges that I have chosen. I plan to set a goal of 40,000 pages to begin with and hope to up it later. I hope this one might be one that you join with me on, for the fact that you get to choose your own goal!

Goal minded,

The Stay-at-Home Mom

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